How To Turn A Button Down Shirt In A Shkirt.

Few days back I did a blog where I shared my personal favourite ways of styling a button down shirt in 3 different ways. These 3 shirt styles mainly focused on flaunting the beauty bones and looking like a chic. Best part about the article was that you could style 1 single shirt in 3 different ways. You can thank me for saving you from putting pressure on your wallets😉.  

If you missed out checking my previous article all you got to do is click on the link shared below.

Well because I received so much love, support and appreciation on the previous post, I thought why not do something new and different this time as well.

So this time I thought to do something with a skirt. I know who doesn’t likes wearing a skirt and that too in summers. Summer is the perfect season to  flaunt your beautiful legs and look stylish by wearing a skirt. Skirts come in all sorts of lengths, colors, and styles. The style that you wear can drastically change your look, ranging from casual to formal, denim to leather and so much more. No matter whatever your sense of style is, there is bound to be a skirt that’s just right for you.

But! But! But! what if I tell you that you can make your very own skirt in just 2 mins with a shirt! No joke, it’s true you can turn any button down shirt in a skirt. From denim to cotton, plain to checks any Shirt can be turned down in a Skirt with just these 2 easy steps.

The Shkirt

Step 1: Wear your shirt at your waist and start buttoning it up.

Step 2: Now take both the sleeves and tie them at the waist in a knot or you can even tuck the sleeve inside the shirt. Wohooo!!! That’s it!

Now even if you run out of skirts you are ready to make your own new skirt and get a fresh look.

Top: Zara

Shirt: Only

Denim jacket: Myntra (Roadster)

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Photographer: Rudra Singh (hustle_subtle)

Hope you liked this article. Now go ahead try our these styles and you can Dm me your pictures on my Instagram account @caughtinamour (link provided below in the instagram icon) or you can use the hashtag #caughtinamour when you post it on Instagram so that I can notice and repost it. 

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Meet you soon with a new article. Till then lots of love to all the readers.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

—Rachel Zoe

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