How To Style White Blazer For Work

There are certain must-have closet pieces that every woman needs to own, to make getting dressed easier and more fashionable. If you’re in need of a summer completer piece, a white blazer is a super versatile option! Black blazers are the obvious work staple, but for summer they are a big no.

A white blazer is absolutely one of those essential dressing piece. The same way a white jeans make an outfit crisp and fresh for summer, a white blazer lifts and freshens up an entire outfit. A white blazer can instantly add elegance to so many different outfits, from casual day-off looks, to office wear, and cute going out outfits. You can make a million outfits with a white blazer but today’s post is all about how to style a white blazer for work with casual a shirt and a casual top!

A blazer will add polish and sophistication to nearly any outfit.  I’m crazy for this well tailored white blazer because of it’s great quality. The cloth material is cotton which is perfect for summer. A cotton blazer not just saves you from the extra heat that you feel by putting an extra layer of cloth but it also makes you feel a little light. This blazer was taken from Zara and it was then available in 3 different colours white, olive green and blue.

I usually come across people who style blazers with some usual formal shirts (a solid coloured shirt or a strip shirt) and just land up looking so ordinary. So I thought why not club a casual top and a not so common floral shirt with a white blazer and create formal looks out of it. This will not just make you looks stylish and stand out but will also let you switch from casual looks to office looks or vice versa in a snap of your fingers.

Shown below are 2 different looks created by using a white blazer.

Look 1: A black top

One can never go wrong with black. Black is one of those colours which suits almost every body, shape and skin. So for look 1 I chose a black top with black tights. As black and white is one of the best colour combination, the overall balck outfit looks perfect with the white blazer. Wearing white blazer with a black casual top you are ready for work and also for receiving some amazing compliments. After work you can walk in any club without needing and change by just getting off the blazer.

Outfit Details

  • Blazer: Zara
  • Top: Forever 21
  • Bottoms: Lifestyle

Look 2: A floral shirt

For look 2 I picked up a floral shirt. When we talk about office outfits people usually imagine themselves in solid shirts or strip shirts. Only few out of the lot would think about floral shirts. So I thought lets bring a change to your office looks by showing you that floral shirts are a good option too. Here I paired a floral shirt from Only with a white blazer and black bottoms. To be honest white blazer can polish any outfit and make you look just perfect. Here the white blazer has worked quite well with the blueish grey colour of the shirt. Now get your hands on some not so common floral shirts and stand out from your office crowd.

Outfit Details:

  • White blazer: Zara
  • Shirt: Only
  • Bottoms: lifestyle

Photographer: Rudra Singh (hustle_subtle)

Hope you liked this article. Now go ahead try our these styles and you can Dm me your pictures on my Instagram account @caughtinamour (link provided below in the instagram icon) or you can use the hashtag #caughtinamour when you post it on Instagram so that I can notice and repost it. 

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Meet you soon with a new article. Till then lots of love to all the readers.

“The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.”

Hubert de Givenchy


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